Request for Audio Event Recording

Please fill out this form when requesting an Audio recording of your event. You will also need to include the file destination and format you need the audio to be delivered in. Like an MP3 file or to be posted to a webpage, or even a CD. All audio recordings will be automatically archived and uploaded into Willow's Digital Asset Management (D.A.M.) system. This is a secure and backed up system for all of Willow recordings and masters. You will be able to download your master at anytime in the future if needed.

*Note: Requests made less than 72 hours in advance may not be recorded.

Copyright Approval

Is there anything in your event, like music or videos that contain music or images may need copyright approval before the audio can be released for your use?

Does this event require editing?

Are there portions of the event, like table discussions or music or video elements that should be edited out of the final recording?

Delivery Options

How or where would you like the recording delivered?

The start date and end date cannot be the same with the type of occurance you have selected.

Please choose a different start/end date.